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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Realtors pay to be affiliated with Worldwide Referrals?

No. We choose the Realtor strictly on merit and research through our industry contacts.

Q. How is Worldwide Referrals paid?

Worldwide Referrals is paid by the Realtor in the form of a referral fee. This fee is paid out of the regular commission paid to the real estate brokers/agents. The referral fee is a common practice among real estate companies and it does NOT increase the fees paid by you in the transaction.

Q. How does Worldwide Referrals find the best Realtors?

Through our years of experience at the highest levels of the Real Estate industry we know top professionals personally. We also have many industry contacts to help locate the best professionals if we need to call upon them.

Q. Why do Realtors agree to pay referrals?

A Realtor's biggest business expense is advertising. By accepting a referral from us they know they will have a qualified client and it doesn't cost them anything unless a deal is done. They are motivated to perform a good job because if they don't, they don't get paid and they don't receive any more qualified clients from us!

Q. How much is Worldwide Referrals paid?

It is usually equal to little more than half a percent of the purchase price. Only licensed real estate companies/individuals are allowed to collect real estate referral fees in the United States and Canada. Worldwide Referrals is a licensed real estate firm.

Q. Do you have a Worldwide Referrals Realtor in the area I am buying (or selling)?

It depends on where you are located. Please contact us. After discussing with you your needs we will use our industry contacts find a Realtor that meets our standards and who specializes in the type of property you plan to buy or sell.

Q. Why Should I Use Worldwide Referrals?

We introduce you to a Real Estate Agent that has a reputation for real estate knowledge, integrity, competence, and dedication. As you make the biggest financial decision of your life you may rest easy knowing that your Real Estate Agent has been chosen as someone who has the experience and the ability to provide you with exactly what you're looking for? You will be put in contact with a Real Estate Agent who is an expert in the area where you are looking to buy or sell. Someone who knows both the positive and negative aspects of the area. Because incompetence can cost you thousands of dollars!

Q. Why 'Top Producing' Real Estate Agents May Not Always Offer Top Service?

Many people believe the highest volume/highest paid Real Estate Agent will provide the best service. In fact, the highest volume Real Estate Agent may be unable to provide top quality service due to the amount of clients he attempts to take on. It is possible that the busiest Real Estate Agent can still provide the most competent, ethical, and reliable service, but many of the best seasoned Realtors work exclusively with repeat clients and referrals. They don't have to boast!!

Q. How is a Worldwide Referrals Realtor Different from Traditional Agent?

Agents referred by Worldwide Referrals protect your interests, give you periodic reports on progress, return your phone calls, and most importantly, they negotiate the best possible price and terms for you regardless if you're buying or selling. When you are working with a Realtor referred by us you know that the Real Estate Agent will perform to your satisfaction because they follow the comprehensive Worldwide Referrals Realtor Practices & Guidelines.

A seller working with a Worldwide Referrals Agent can cancel the listing agreement at any time after 3-month period without any penalties or fees. No more 6-month listings. This is just one of many reasons why you should always list your home with a Worldwide Referrals Real Estate Agent.

A Worldwide Referrals Agent working with a buyer is a buyer's agent (if allowed by law) and represents the buyer, tries to get the best price and terms for the buyer. These are some of many reasons why you should always work Worldwide Referrals to find a Realtor.

Once we put you in touch with a Realtor, you'll get a chance to meet and you can decide whether you want to employ him or her. Since this service is free and is without obligation, you can always decline to work with the referred Realtor. If you decide not to work with the Realtor we referred, you can either ask us to find another one or you may decide to forego our services. Either way, you owe us nothing.

Our fee is paid by the referred Realtors as a referral. This fee is paid out of the regular commission paid to the real estate brokers/agents. The referral fee is a very common practice in the real estate industry, and it does NOT increase the fees paid to real estate brokers/agents.

Since we will only receive our fee if the referred Realtor performs to your satisfaction and close on your purchase or sale, it is also in our best interest to make sure that the agent we find for you does his/her best to get the job done.

Q. What Property Types are Covered?

We can help you if you are buying/selling a single family home, town home, condominium or a recreational property.

We can also help you if you are buying/selling investment properties, or leasing commercial office space.
Remember that Worldwide Referrals can help you even when you are purchasing a new home from a builder. The agent can represent you during the transaction, help you with financing, inspections, walk through, and closing. Since the agent is compensated by the builder and it does not effect the price of the home, having an independent Real Estate Agent on your side has many advantages, and most importantly, it doesn't cost you anything.

Q. How do I request a consultation?

Please go to the page that contains the no-obligation consultation request form for buyers or sellers. Fill out the form completely and click on the Submit Form button. After receiving your request, one of our specialists will contact you by using the numbers provided on the form. The form will take no more than a few minutes to complete.

Q. How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is call our toll free number or click on the contact us button. We will then contact you to talk to you personally and find out exactly what you need in the way of a Real Estate professional. You are under no obligation.

Just call us at 778-328-8887 or send us an email.

Your request will be assigned to one of our Referral Executives who will coordinate all of the follow through and keep you up to date.

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